Colin Fry - transcript of a reading

Here is the basic reading without any commentary from me. Read through and see what you think. Personally I think it’s entirely devoid of any real substance but for most people when you’re suddenly on TV you are ill equipped to analyse what’s actually going on. I want to make it crystal clear that I am in no way making any criticism of the person having the reading. I’ll give my own analysis next. Meanwhile read on…

The basic reading (Taken from The 6ixth Sense.” Shown on Ftn on Thursday 29th December 2004)

As Colin Fry walks into the studio he says his rehearsed introduction.

“Ladies and Gentlemen I’d like to invite you now to join me as we try to bring the two worlds a little bit closer together.”

A preamble with the audience then…

CF: “I’ve got this gentleman trying to connect with me and all he’s putting in my mind is cheese and chutney sandwiches…” [Colin looks a little perplexed.]

[Pointing towards the back row]
CF: “There’s something going on up there, in the very back row…”

Woman: “My dad used to like cheese. But he weren’t allowed to eat it.”

CF: “Right, I’m going to tell you something really funny. As I’m looking over here, I can see like a silhouette… of him, or he’s trying to tell me something… Why can I see a balaclava?”

Woman: “He always used to wear a balaclava to work.” [audience laughter]”

CF: “He’s standing here in front of me, I can only see his silhouette, but what I can see is this balaclava. That…that’s the evidence, alright?”

Woman: “Alright.”

CF: “I can see him more clearly now. I can see him (?) standing here in a pair of long johns, a vest and a balaclava. [more laughter]. A pair of long johns, a vest and a balaclava. Is there some way this is supposed to be evidential for you?”

Woman: “He used to work up the masts in ships and he had to wear them?”

CF: “Right, okay. And how many of you are related up here?” [pointing to back row].

Woman: “He’s my son and this is my daughter.” [pointing to each].

CF: [To son] “Okay thank you because that’s relevant because he’s seen you do something over the last few days. He says it’s not going to fit any better by forcing it.”

Son: [No response]

CF: “What is it that just won’t go into place or won’t go in properly and you’ve been trying, I don’t know to force it or shove it in? [audience laughter at obvious sexual connotation]. Shows the caliber of audience I’ve got in. Hang on a minute, hang on a minute [CF speaking as it he’s had a sudden realization]. This has shifted. I think I might be making a bit of a mistake. It’s not… I need to come back to you my love.” [pointing to mother]

Woman: “Well I’m always fiddling around with things.”

CF: “No only within the last few days, I don’t want to go much more than a week. You’ve said to somebody, ‘Don’t force it’”.

Woman: “Well it’s my husband, he’s trying to get the back off a mobile phone.”

CF: [Referring back to son] “I apologise sir, alright. ‘Cause it just like.. shifted over.
Would you please understand, was Dad involved with an old people’s club or a senior citizen’s club?”
Woman: “He used to go to a Labour Club.”

CF: “Was it mostly older people there?”

Woman: “Yeah.”

CF: “Right okay. Just he’s saying about a place where all the old codgers were. [audience laughter] His words not mine. Alright. Okay.

Right, there’s quite an emotional feeling he’s giving me here. [at this point CF’s mood become more serious] It’s almost as if he’s upset for seeing you go through something. He said, ‘Tell her it wasn’t so bad in the end’.” [Woman starts to cry]

Woman: “It… I know it looked… [then, as if speaking directly to the deceased] alright sir, alright okay. [back to woman] I know it looked horrible but in the end it wasn’t so bad.”

Woman: [Crying.]

CF: “And he’s… upset for you because you thought he was going through so much pain… and distress at the end.”

Woman: “Yeah.”

CF: “He’s just saying honestly love it wasn’t so bad at the end.”

Woman: “It’s alright.”

CF: “And I am now with my greatest love, which is what I wanted. Can you understand that?”

Woman: “Probably his mother, yeah.”

CF: [to the deceased] “What… What… please sir, once more please. [to woman] What is this thing about frequent injections?”

Woman: “Yeah, he used to have dozens in his back.”

CF: “Alright. It’s… the thought he’s giving me is that, absolutely sick of injections.”

Woman: “He had to have fluid drained off his lungs.”

CF: “Alright, okay. He doesn’t ……(indistinct)… to mention significance to you. He wanted to come and say hello. He wanted to come and express his love to you and he wanted more than anything to say to you, I know it looked awful for me at the end but it wasn’t so bad.”

Woman: Thank you.

CF: I’ll leave your dad’s love and you Granddad’s love with you.

Now read it again with my analysis

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