Ruislip and Northwood Gazette

Did a medium identify a murderer?

This is the text from the front page of a local newspaper, the Ruislip and Northwood Gazette that came out on Thursday 17th February 1983 (the first issue to come out after the murder) which is the same day Tony Batters estimates he attended the interview with Christine Holohan.

Barmaid found dead after 'vicious attack' at her flat
Jewels may
give clue in
murder hunt
MISSING jewellery could provide vital clues to the brutal murder of a young Ruislip woman.
Mrs Jackie Poole was found beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled in the lounge of her flat in Lakeside Close on Sunday afternoon.
More than 20 items of jewellery were missing when police broke into the flat after being called by an anxious friend of the dead woman.
Detectives described

by Gazette

the murder as a "vicious
attack on a young woman in her home."
Police are now hoping that the jewellery, worth several hundred pounds might turn up somewhere and provide clues as to the muder of 25 year old Mrs Poole.

Lakeside Close having separated from her husband, Mr Malcolm Poole, seven months ago. The couple had been married for 16 months.
Police said that Mr Poole, 23, and her current boyfriend who has not been named, have been interviewed.
Mr Paul Newman, who lived next door, said that the first he knew was when the father of Mrs Poole's boyfriend knocked on his door on Sunday afternoon and asked to use the telephone after being unable to get an answer at her door.
Mr Newman said that the man telephoned her and when there was still no reply he called the police.


When officers broke in they found Mrs Poole lying in the lounge. She was wearing day clothes and there was no sign of a forced entry.
One of the last people to see her was Mr Rajani Patel, manager of Ruislip Fruiterers.
He said: "I feel terrible. I was very shocked when I heard what had happened. She was a very nice charming lady."
Detectives are hoping

that the person they are looking for may try to pawn or sell the jewellery.
Any information regarding Mrs Poole or the missing jewellery can be given to the Ruislip incident room and will be treated in the strictest confidence.
The missing items of jewellery are:
St Christopher ring base solid gold, Keeper ring (three row), Plain Gold wedding band, Scissors on chain, Black heart diamond inset on chain, two belcher chains (short & long), single stone diamond engagement ring. Half sovereign ring, Black Onyx ring, Small black faced gold rim thin black leather strap, silver strap bracelet watch, three bar and three bar gate bracelets, crucifix (small) on long chain, three ruby (garnet) in a ring, St Christopher on a chain, shell shaped stud earing, wedding ring earing, charm bracelet, silver full of charms, man's signet ring, with garnet stone, belcher chain bracelet, gold buckle ring, chain with key, men's ring with squared shaped face with diamond setting
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Last Job
Detective Superintendent Tony Lundy, the man leading the investigation said that it was an apparently unprovoked attack and that Mrs Poole may have known her assailant.
She was last seen when she left her job at Ruislip Fruiterers in Ickenham Road, Ruislip, on Friday evening.
Mrs Poole also worked part-time at Whispers Nite Club, in Chesham. Her mother, who lives on the Oak Farm Estate in Hillingdon, was staying with relatives.
Until recently, Mrs Poole worked as a barmaid at the Oak Tree public House, onthe Oak farm Estate.
She lived alone at
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